the collective noun for lesbians.
There was a rake of lesbians at the gig last night.
by sleamhain November 28, 2011
The weapon of choice to kill people with. Best shoved into a person, also covered in rust, meningitis, and sharpened to a point. Used when a gun isnt painful enough.

Rachel: "Hey Katy, I'm sorry to say, but I just saw Austin over there, are you gonna talk to him?"
Katy: "No, just find me a rake."
by Musicsocks May 14, 2011
when someone or somthing places the hand on the opposing side of the head of someone and digs in while dragging their hand across to make it hurt like shitt!
rake that niggahhh

ow you fucker that hurt
by fluffy22three November 20, 2010
to thrash or totally dominate in competition
I was raken ou there on the basketball court.
by Jordan March 22, 2005
A baseball player that hits extremely well.
Guy 1: Did you see Josh Hamilton the other day? He went 5-5 with four homers!
Guy 2: Yea man, he rakes.
by Allegany29 May 22, 2012
an attractive woman. raked works as well. don't know where it originated from, i saw it on a tv show once, game show bloopers or some ish, but we use it all kinds in the mtl.
look at that rake across the street.
ya bro shes raked a la max!
by Tony Pacific March 26, 2008 be so bad it annoys all who are around or involved to the point of disgust be so absolutely lazy at all aspects of life to the point where ones existence is rarely acknowledged by others.
1. Having to work on the weekends is the rake

2.Being the rake that he is Diddy doesn't start his his day until about 2pm.
by murphonius murp September 28, 2004

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