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the best person you will ever see. if you ever meet a rajeev in real life, make sure you have sex with him IMMEDIATLY.(girls only)(pretty girls only) trust me, you will not regret it, because his "chimmy-chunga" is Large.
"Unh-Unhhhhhhh" thats the moan of being please by Rajeev.
by gobblegobble23 June 22, 2011
65 31
name associated with the lotus
Rajeev was the prime minister of india.
by rajeev March 25, 2004
56 32

Also known as but not limited to badman, gangsta, don and any other name that strikes fear into the hearts of petty mortals.
That man who lives in the hills, he my friend is the Rajeev.
by scaredone December 08, 2010
33 20
A Person who is sexually attracted to human centipedes.
He has sexual contact with human centipedes, he is such a Rajeev.
by mexxxxx January 20, 2011
31 36
A Jew
A bunch of Rajeev's were hogging the cabbage hummus
by Rajeev Saigal May 31, 2011
4 25