Possibly Japanese.
Usually someone who's popular, tanned and tall. Otherwise, totally hot.
Oh, my gosh! That guy is so Rainis!
by Maddie November 15, 2004
Top Definition
Raini is another term for a sexy beast with a nice booty and a sexy appearance
Daaaaaymn Raini is hot!
by John Freeland April 06, 2005
Raini is an urban short name used in some countries of 'nur' and 'aini' in Arabic which means 'light' and 'eyes'.

Raini is a name given to a girl with a very beautiful brown/hazel eyed girl. usually are attractive, seductive yet innocent-like eyes. always with pale white complexion.

if covering hair and face with scarf and veil, will become like a mysterious beautiful woman, with only her beautiful attractive eyes aren't covered.
"She is such a raini. her eyes are just too attractive not to fall to.."

"Wow! you have raini's eyes.."

"i wonder, how beautiful she must be, under her veil, judging from her pretty eyes.. that's raini.."
by ilhaan rasheed April 14, 2010
A girl that has multiple theories about pretty much everything. Rainis love the ocean and have fair skin. They have a smokin' hot bod and are almost a ginger. Many girls are jealous of her but don't admit it. Rainis talk a lot and are, overall, pretty damn awesome.
That girl must be a Raini.
Because she is just so awesome.
by Ramona French January 07, 2012
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