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1. A very colorful, very homosexual fish.
2. A word most commonly used in the phrase, "Peace out, Rainbow Trout."
Person1: Hey man, I gatta go; there's pandas mauling my grandma. Peace out, Rainbow Trout!
Person2: Yar, peace.
by Crau February 11, 2010
The after-effect of a rainbow party.

The result of one's trouser trout or slimy swimmer to be covered in multiple colors of the rainbow after a lass and her friends have each taken a turn slobbing on the knob with various shades of lipstick on.

Typically, the owner of said rainbow trout has no recollection of the events during or after the rainbow party. This is because large quantities of alcohol and/or other substances are enjoyed during.
"Did you see Ted's rainbow trout? It took three early load drops but they got every color lip-painted like champs!"
by PhoenixJC February 19, 2014
A rainbow trout is a trouser trout that has been painted in the rainbow colors of the gay pride movement.

Very festive.
To add a bit of zip to the parade, Buford took out his rainbow trout and waved it around.

There was much applause.
by scodder May 14, 2010
A good looking girls pussy. Opposite of Brown Trout. See definition.
When a good looking girl walks past: "Trout! Definately Rainbow trout!"
by DJ Harman-E March 11, 2009
A young gay man sought after by a much older gay man.
George went out to the gym to scope out the new rainbow trout lifting weights.
by twoboxman December 28, 2009
A piece of Poo similar to the species the Brown Trout however this one has visited a Rainbow Party and gotten a full set of lipstick rings on it.
The girls at the party were so nasty I cant believe they gave me the Rainbow Trout.
by Nils_Lars January 25, 2006
A poop that is so big and so long that parts of it are sticking out of the water in the toilet bowl and are changing color due to oxidation.
Garrup hasnt pooped in 4 days, but today he finally made a rainbow trout and feels relieved.
by Notorious B I Scuffer July 21, 2016
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