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Rainbow Gamer kids are in the most colorful sub culture out there. The name pretty much explains the sub culture. It's a cross between Raver sub culture and Scene sub culture. They're very similar to Kandi kids. Rainbow gamers are loud, bouncy, and almost annoying. They play old-school video games mostly. Like Pacman and Rainbow Islands. They wear loud clothes and look unique. Most times their hair is brightly colored too. They go to raves and-like Kandi kids-give away hugs and small gifts. They also live by PLUR(R) too. This is all coming from a Rainbow Gamer girl too! :D
Boy 1: "Did you see that Rainbow Gamer kid?"
Boy 2: "I know. She's so hot!"
Boy 3: "She gave me a hug and a kandi bracelet! BEST DAY EVER!!"
by Miss Rainbow July 18, 2011
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