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A gay man who would go straight for only one particular girl, but if he can't have her, he will come out of the closet.
Mike: I can't believe Steve is dating Matt! I thought he was engaged to Julia!
Ben: She broke it off.
Mike: Is he bi then?
Ben: No, he's just a rainbow child.
by Sexy White Man October 17, 2011
A Rainbow Child is a teenage boy or girl who sourounds themselves with colour. From the clothes they wear, to thier bedroom... everything must be colourful.

Rainbow children are normaly seen in colouful clothes. Most wear bright skinny jeans, a colouful top & hoody and different types of acessories. They sometimes customise thier clothing to make them more vibrent.
Thier hair is usual similer to scene kids as it is normally big.

Rainbow children are commonly fun and happy people... if not even slightly crazy. They are sometimes viewed as slightly immuture due to their attidue to life and their fication to colour.

Rainbow children are often mistaken as scene... but as they are so bright they are too colourful to be scene.


You Are A Rainbow Child
by Rainbow Boy February 04, 2009
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