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An amazing event in Rainbow Candy Winter Wonderland, for the 17th of January in Los Angeles at the Bungalow Club, where the notorious Club Fashion Whore will present Evey's brand new clothing and accessory line.
There will be a fashion show, trunk show and dance party!
"From the back streets of Tokyo’s Ura-Hara to the punk mentality of
Hollywood, CA, Evey Clothing and Accessories puts its own unique stamp on a cultural scene most have only dreamt of having access to." And now people will be able to see it for themselves. This event is invite only. Check out to see if theres any way you can get on the guest list to Rainbow Candy Winter Wonderland. I suggest emailing them through the website.
You really don't want to miss this!!!
by Diane McKinsey November 22, 2007
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