To put one foot in the vaginal crease and one foot in the anal region by a partner.
James went to Jenna's room to give her his rainboots.
by Russian fatty September 18, 2011
Top Definition
Footwear inferior to perhaps everything except for Crocs. Worn primarily by spoiled sluts who think that rainwater will melt their toes off.
I'm a slut, my daddy sends me money all the time, and I wear rain boots. I'm also in Delta Zeta and think guys with Sperry's are hot.
by Johndevl October 05, 2011
Boots that teenage girls think are cute but really aren't
"aren't my rain boots cute?"
by nightmaresaredreamsto June 27, 2014
Something only true gangsta have!
Whaddup nigga - i gotta go cop some new Rain boots fo sho yo
by ShAdY February 16, 2005

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