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Footwear inferior to perhaps everything except for Crocs. Worn primarily by spoiled sluts who think that rainwater will melt their toes off.
I'm a slut, my daddy sends me money all the time, and I wear rain boots. I'm also in Delta Zeta and think guys with Sperry's are hot.
by Johndevl October 05, 2011
8 4
To put one foot in the vaginal crease and one foot in the anal region by a partner.
James went to Jenna's room to give her his rainboots.
by Russian fatty September 18, 2011
2 0
Boots that teenage girls think are cute but really aren't
"aren't my rain boots cute?"
by nightmaresaredreamsto June 27, 2014
0 0
Something only true gangsta have!
Whaddup nigga - i gotta go cop some new Rain boots fo sho yo
by ShAdY February 16, 2005
9 24