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1. Element in the anterior segment of an old Gaelic saying: "Once a Raimster, forever a Shaimster"

2. A frequent song lyric; paired with "Shaimster" to great effect; frequently found in instances of parallelismus membrorum
a. "Raimster you can drive my car; Shaimster's gonna be a star. Raimster you can drive my car; Shaimster, I love you."

b. The old Norse adage: "One in the Raimster, but two in the Shaimster"

c. "Fool me once, I'm a Raimster. Fool me twice, I'm a Shaimster."

d. "Ask not what your Raimster can do for you, but what you can do for your Shaimster."

e. "Love thy Raimster as thy Shaimster"

f. "Finkel is Raimster, Shaimster is Finkel!"

g. "Some Raimsters wait a lifetime, for a Shaimster like this."
by Haasi November 20, 2008
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