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to have 3, 4, or even 5 of your best friends have sexual intercourse with one female companion at the same time
"Dawg, Zach, Robbie, Ryan, and I just RAILED Megan!"

"Hey Dave, would you RAIL?"
by bruno da kid 87 July 15, 2008
1: To get Super Pwned .. Or Beat down..

2: A sexual reference used to describe a sexual pose where the girl is gripping the rail

3: To get caught in a bad situation ..
He was brought home by the police today , and his parents Railed him
by Illogical Chaos August 10, 2009
To be given a hard time or made fun of. Teased.
Man, I got railed when I got that crooked mohawk!
Every time my team loses I get railed by my friends who are fans of the rival team.
by Dana S. March 14, 2006
Being fragged by railgun, suddenly shot dead.
Damn, he's railed me!
by DemoLiter July 14, 2003