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It's an insult. Maybe. Or maybe it's a slur. It could also be a verb or noun or adjective. It is either negative or positive or both or possibly even neither. It probably has something to do with a person, place, thing, or idea in some way, but this is unverified. It's probably a word, but maybe it isn't in some situations.

It might be how your boss has you work the weekend of the big game you have tickets to. It might be some sort of creamy pastry that doesn't live up to expectations. It might be how your mother tucks you in at night before nailing the door shut. It might be that special feeling you get about that special girl. Though probably not. It might be the latest craze that's sweeping the nation, but nobody has ever heard of it before.
A Person: ________ ______ __ ______ ___ Ragsnaozzle Gus Gus!

B Person: __ ___ ____ ____ Ragsnaozzle Gus Gus _____ _ _____ __-____?
by Cerevisiae February 17, 2009

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