Top Definition is a website run by an organization that supports online security and anonymity making it possible to meet decent people. It allows anonymous random one-to-one conversations through text and video. The website states its practices and how information is used under its "Terms of Service & Privacy Policy". Most of Ragist users use the website for the functionality of supported links, data encryption, IP address confidentiality, information access and extreme monitoring for the prevention of any nudity, threats or hate.
You: I don't trust my network administrator. Where can I find security and complete anonymity while conversing using the Internet?

Stranger: Ragist!
by Ragist January 12, 2013
1. The belief that a liking of Rage Against The Machine accounts for differences in human character or ability.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on liking of Rage Against The Machine.
3. That Rage Against The Machine don't deserve to be UK Christmas number 1 in the singles chart.
"Join my facebook group / follow me on twitter, then buy RATM Killing In The Name on iTunes/Amazon/ and help make it the UK Christmas number 1 single rather than that crap from X-factor"

"No way man, that's retarded"

"You're such a ragist"
by Evel Knievel December 15, 2009
Someone who won't party/rage with someone based on their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, appearance or disability.
Rager: "Yo you want to hit that rager in Williamsburg tonight?"

Ragist: "I don't want to find out how many dirty hipsters drinking PBR can you fit in one place"

Rager: "You're such a ragist. Some of those chicks in Ray Ban Wayfarers and flannels are cute..."
by bkdeux March 30, 2010
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