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one with the force
none, none, none, none, none
by none December 14, 2003
person who has someone always on his mind... Someone special
he's becoming a raghav. All he thinks about is her.
Stands for sharpness and high definition
That picture is as clear as Raghav
by Maruti October 16, 2008
Huge hip hop/ rnb star Raghav.
You see that girl there? Yeh who she look for? - A Raghav she look for, but what about me and u? - Me dunno!
by Mat October 27, 2004
A resident of Delhi with no knowledge of Hindi, but an exquisite knowledge of French. Speaks English like a Britisher. Highly meterosexual tendendecies. Favourite phrase is "What rubbish!".
Raghav Kapur is such a Raghav
by Sinha September 07, 2004