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An infamous AI hindrance in the game Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation. In the scenario "Roof of Riovanes Castle", you are tasked with the safety of an AI controlled character named Rafa. If said character dies, you immediately lose.

Rafa, more often than not, decides to charge forward into battle in spite of the scenario requirement and with little regard for personal safety. Having relatively low power, this is a bad situation made worse due to the enemies' power which can possibly kill in one action. Combined with the enemy AI usually targeting weaker characters, starting players often lose the battle after taking one or even no action due to the high speed of the enemies. Fortunately, proper pre-battle planning can negate this hindrance.

An FFT remake exists on the PSP, and the AI on "Protect X" scenarios supposedly retreats instead of engaging the enemy.
Harborym, a Sword Master from Tactics Ogre, demonstrates his Rafa complex by charging alone into a group of ninjas. Fortunately, the loss of his life does not result in an immediate game over, but a loss of a potentially valuable asset to the team.

The counter-terrorist's VIP decided it was a good idea to abandon his team mates and initiate a Rafa complex with a handgun against multiple enemies armed with rifles. His death resulted in a prompt loss of the round.
by Kyper May 20, 2008
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