Top Definition
filipina girl, no accent.
leaves everything with me. so forgetful.
loves Jaaaydee & Jaaaydee loves her too.
gave me Po ! the love of my life<3
late night calls yo.
hanging out is a MUST ! especially DT
making&eating spam musubi. & snickerdoodles.
Jonas Brothers; "Nick Jonas is so cuuute"
Lunch Crew all day everyday!

TINA:Raeboo, I like his backpack
RAE:What, you like his shoes?
TINA:No, I like his backpack
RAE:What, you like his shirt?
TINA:No, I like his BACKPACK
RAE:What, you like his pants?
TINA:haha aww forget it=]
by spam musubi August 31, 2008
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