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Well, as a student at RHS, I can tell you that it is a school full of pompous druggie wiggers who like Lacrosse, but not nearly as much as drinking and doing drugs. I can't stand about 80% of the people I am stuck with there for 6 fucking hours a day, and all the girls are little sluts, too. It's annoying as fuck.

The kids have 0 respect for the teachers in a lot of cases, and are so liberal that they make MLK look racist. We also have a couple retarded inept teachers who are tenured or something, because they're idiots but they're still teaching.

The bathrooms smell like pot, too. Once I even saw smoke curling around the lights. There's also a billion of those little packets of chewing tobacco or dip or whatever the hell it is all over the school. In the locker room, there's one stuck to the wall that's been there for like 3 months now, and in the water fountains, the pricks always spit them out, so when I go to drink, there's this vile packet of shit 2 inches from my face. Radnor sucks because of the douchebags that constitute the place. If I were the principle, we'd probably have like 300 kids, tops. Not the 1200 future Jersey Shore stars we have now.
I'd rather drag my nuts through a desert of broken, molten glass than spend another year at Radnor High.
by I piss in the mainstream. June 07, 2011
School full of preppy ass toolbags and major stoners, rich priveleged kids that think they're the shit
yo let's go stomp those fuckers from Radnor High
by Drooger February 27, 2005
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