A device used to see how YOUR tax dollars are being spent.
I like to listen to my Radio Scanner, so I know what is going on.
by DUDE May 08, 2003
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a radio receiver that can quickly switch between two or more channels (today's scanners usally have more then 500 channels) and then stop when the frequency is active. Used by criminals and radio operators to listent to pretty much everything from the police officer asking his buddy to get him more doughnuts and your cordless phone.
"yeah man, i just got a hit on the scanner, the cops are after some black guy"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
A device you can you to listen to many of the public services and has been most commonly used to listen to NASCAR Driver-communications and officials
I used the Radio Scanner to listen to NASCAR communication, turns out Kenny Wallace dropped 10 f-bombs after that bad pit stop.
by Joe C August 26, 2004
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