The trustworthy, fearless members of the Republican Party who stand behind George Bush, his Administration, and their representatives and senators in Congress. Their beliefs and opinions tend to be far more intense that the average Republican and conservative.
Most Radical Republicans are located in the South and lower Midwest. However, their numbers are also great in the Rocky Mountain states.
by A Hoosier December 09, 2004
Top Definition
1.) A person who is extremely Republican with strong conservative views. One who falls to the near right edge of the political spectrum. Usually is never afraid to stand up for his/her beliefs and opinions. Also usually is NOT a racist.
2.) The members of the Republican Party during the Civil War who pushed for and succeeded in abolishing slavery.
Most Republicans are actually moderate; the ones that are more extreme are known as Radical Republicans.
by Survivor Fan December 08, 2004
A group of more extremist Republicans that number around more than 40,000 nationwide and possibly much higher. This faction of the Republican Party (or GOP) is sometimes questioned by the moderates within the party for their extreme right-wing views.
I am one of those people that you would call a Radical Republican.
by Ohio Rules! December 09, 2004
The complete opposite of an ultra-liberal.
Radical Republicans are extreme in conservative values and ideas, and are also very patriotic and proud of their nation as well.
by Proud Native American December 09, 2004
An extreme right-winger. A fascist.
Mussolini was a radical Republican
by nunya March 11, 2005
A member of a wonderful gang of caucasians who where white hoods and robes and have sexual retlations with their own children.
George Bush and the rest of Redneck America
by Truth Bringer May 02, 2005
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