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Group of socially awkward kids in high school that are outcast-ed from all the tables and are forced to sit on the large radiators in the cafeteria. Observations and studies show they have befriended each other and have some sort of hierarchy. The Radiators are the lowest level on the social scale of high school.
Radiator Ringleader: Radiator Gang, HO!
by Billybob-Joebob June 19, 2010
The Radiator Gang is a group of socially akward highschool students of all four years, who are outcasted from all social groups and are forced to sit on the radiator. The Radiator Gang has a vast culture. They usually eat school lunches every other day, and listen to outdated and awful music from 20 years ago, because 99.99% of all Radiators are poser "rockers". A group of Radiators (3-10 people) is called a Radiator Herd. If one wishes to become a Radiator, it is said that you have to eat alone for three weeks, and eat pudding Steven Glansberg style. Becoming a Radiator means you are the lowest you can go on the social scale of highschool.

If confronted by a Radiator at lunch you are to do the following:
1. Make fun of the Radiator member
2. Cunt punt / Sack whack the Radiator member
3. Jump the Radiator member with your socially accepted friends
The Radiator Gang ring leader started singing and head banging at lunch, so I stood up and hummed a water bottle at his head, to put him back in his place.
by Rob Ascadildo August 15, 2010
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