a description of a woman's breasts. Alike to the term "rack".
but yea my eyes were fixated on the right..more rackage shown.
by j-boogie_DA February 16, 2006
Top Definition
A friend called Rackham with a giant package. This especially occurs when wearing tight jeans and sitting down.
"Wow, look at his Rackage Dave!"
by barmiral October 18, 2011
A description of an extraordinary sporting or gaming moment that crushes the opponents with style; a volley of impressive attacks.

See owned, racked.
Shevchenko Racked the ball in off the cross bar from 30 yards; That shot was Rackage. SKGaming racked united5 in the CPL. That kid is Rackage he got 10 headshots in one round.
by Benjamin Hopkinson March 21, 2006
A man whos looks and general demeanor resemble that of the highly famous Package whom hails from Rhode Island. Although this man does not share the same aptitude for witty quips and banter, his remeblance is stunning.
Package, that dude at the other table looks exactly like you! He's... Rackage. You must now kill him in combat like Highlander... There can only be one!
by Hans Gruber III March 03, 2010
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