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Process of feminine reasoning as defined by <Rachel-1979> which provides a generalized form of feminine reasoning which is simultaneously unattainable and incontrovertible through traditional male reasoning.
Rachel: "That went down like a damp squid"
Male: "I think you mean 'That went down like a damp Squib'".
Rachel: "No, it's definitely damp squid"
Male: "No darling, it's damp squib, from the explosive squib which fails when wet".
Rachel: "No, it's a damp squid. Squids live under water so they are quite damp".
Male: "Sweetheart I think you're using Rachel-logic. I think you're having a 'blonde' moment".

Also see: "Women are more intelligent than men": I mean, no wonder they think so if they come up with conclusions like this and believe them!
by Jonny Random April 23, 2011
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