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The young, Jewish star holding together McKinley High's Glee Club. She has a beautiful voice that covers up her less-than-perfect personality, and she's not afraid to let others know how much talent she has.
J: Who's the girl on Glee wearing all the quirky cardigans and high waisted skirts?

E: Why, that's Jewish musical icon Rachel Berry.
by TrueColorsGirl August 11, 2010
Rachel Berry is the Jewis icon of William McKinley High's Glee club. She's known for having a very remarkable nose, a powerful voice, and wearing knee-high socks, pretty short skirts and argyle cardigans. And bossy personality, too.

Also, she's secretly in love with Quinn Fabray. It's just that nobody realises that.
Boy: "Oh! Who's that chik who's dressing like Britney? She's hot"

Lesbien BAMF Girl: "That's Rachel Berry"
by -Faberry Like Yeah October 24, 2010
A character on Glee with a less than desireable personality and the clothes to match. She also looks like she's in pain when she's singing.
Person 1- What in good heavens is that screeching noise?
Person 2- Oh that's just Rachel Berry from Glee.
Person 1- What's wrong with her face?
Person 2- Oh that's just her Rachel Berry Singing face.
by izzymz12 August 19, 2010
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