general smalltalk that gets repeated using different keywords, adjectives and nouns rearranged in different phrases in order to portray the same scenario
we are the kings of rabble, not good rabble or bad rabble. just rabble... oh yeah, there is no bad rabble ps.
by king rabble March 15, 2010
Top Definition
Single word, meant to be repeated with gusto, in heated arguments or large groups of protesters. Used in place of 'real words', not to be chanted.
'Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble etc.'
by Slimple April 02, 2006
The foolish and easily controlled general public, often rebellious but futile against political or ideological leaders.
"What have you in common with the troublemaking rabble?"
by Charles Foster Kane May 25, 2012
It's the male counterpart to the female 'harem.' A group of men that are in rotation for a polyamorous woman.
Rachel: Is that Shane? He's freaking hot!
Jane: He's off limits, he's in my rabble.
by lovelylisametermaid May 14, 2015
1)A Term used by skiers and snowboarders referencing getting it in on the mountain in Summit County

2)To Ski or Snowboard on large mountains, most likely at Keystone or A-Basin, (Alcohol & Facial Hair may be involved)
1) Who's goin Rabblin today?
2) Lets Go Rabble.
by Brought to you by TBO Summit November 26, 2010
1) takes the place of a curse word.
2) a word you use continuously when you see one or more hot girls near you.
1) Elliott said, "Shut the rabble mother rabbler....I'm Rick James, rabble.....go rabble yourself....rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble"

2) Jimmy saw a group of hot girls and said, "rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble."
by Rick James April 28, 2004
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