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Rapper from Detroit that is always with Big Sean & writes music for Island Def Jam
Ra Shawn is a Beast
by Swagg Master 3000 November 01, 2011
someone who fails to pay child support. usually a baby's dad.
Bob is such a rashawn....he hasn't sent money in over a year.

He's rashawning right now but child support enforcement will hook him up.
by baby's momma 212 September 01, 2008
A person that sucks at social studies
uuuuuuuh????? mr B.

Yes Rashawn

uuuuuh, when are we taking the G unit test?
by nick January 31, 2005
Little girl that throws up on herself while riding on a merry go round.
Rashawn: Somebody go get my mom.
by Cock Twirler January 26, 2005