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Rangers 'til I die - the state of being a loyal fan of a team called Rangers (Glasgow, QPR) with so much passion that you'll support them until your death.
Boy 1: Hi, I'm a Chelsea fan
Boy 2: Get out, I'm RTID!

by Leezo42 November 30, 2007
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Rangers 'til I die.

Used by football fans.
Tom: Who do you support?
Dick: Celtic
Tom: Oh I'm a Rangers fan. RTID!
by Ready 2 Rumble May 03, 2007
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If ur expressing passion for the team you support its an acronym you use
by Weegie73 August 21, 2008
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Ride Till I Die. It is the next big clothing company. It is just a group of people who enjoy riding dirtbikes and racing trucks. We are located in San Diego, CA.
people who will not give up riding for anything. they will die for riding dirtbikes! R.T.I.D. (RIDE TILL I DIE)
by Justin Hodge September 04, 2007
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