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Radio telifis Eireann

The national broadcaster in Ireland

Sheila:Hey did you watch gilmore girls on rte last night?
Me: Oh my god, was it really on on rte?
Sheila: No, I was just kidding
Me: Not funny
Sheila: It seems like they're never going to show it again
Me: Man they're so stingy
Sheila: Thank god we've still got Tg4
Me: yea, it totally rocks!!
Sheila: Sile, especially.One tree hill, the oc, what I like about you, pimp my ride, everwood, lizzie mcguire.
Me: ah if only rte would stop being so stingy
by Louise McCormack November 17, 2005
A bunch of useless wasters who wouldn't know a good t.v program if it cunted them right in their cunts. A Lazy good for nothing shower of robbing bastards who are bleeding the country dry, never done a real days work in their lives.

A bunch of lazy, 12 week holiday a year taking, SAAB driving
french loving fucktards.
RTE? Sure they're a bunch of a cunts
by Pat Kenny March 31, 2006
Ride to eat - when a bunch of motorcycle riders get together and go on a ride with a predetermined eating place as the destination.
Next Saturday we're doing an RTE to Billy Joe's for BBQ
by Logan1965 April 19, 2015
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