Ramsays 2nd home..besides the bogan household on merrylands rd.
*joel and justin walking*

Joel > yo imma roll some bogey for jordans

Justin > why would a bogey be wearin jordans foo


*walk past rsl*

jeff/kezza/ramsay > OGM HI2U U BRING TEH SMOKEZ BOIZ

both > wtf cunts, go home

jeff/kezza/ramsay > we are
by Bogan Killer, Hectic Social Halim December 25, 2004
Top Definition
An acronym that stands for "Raging So Loud
Anonymous- "Whitney, calm the fuck down! Quit raging so loud"
Whitney- "I cant fucking help it"

RSL means Rage So Loud
by RSL ANONYMOUS July 12, 2015
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