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The model name given to Audi Automobiles twin-turbo charged v8 4 door rocket.

The RS 6 (RS6) is based on the same chassis as the 2003 4.2L Audi A6, but it has 4.2 litre twin-turbocharged (k04 turbos) engine with a tiptronic only gearbox. The RS is Audis class that comparaes to the M series BMW's. The rs6 direct competitor is the BMW M5. The most recent RS6 was only manufactured in 2003, but is set to re-release in the near future (2007)

The RS class of Audi's now includes the 2007 RS4 along with the 2003 RS6. And soon the 2007 Audi RS 3.
Dude, the quattro RS 6 owned that M5 around the track.

Listen to the k04's on that RS6. Damnnnnnnn.
by Naudi A6 February 23, 2006
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The 2008 Audi RS6 is an extremely high performance luxury sports wagon. Exclusive design and equipment, perfect quality and a V10 twin-turbo engine producing 580 bhp.

Not only will the RS6 be the fastest, most powerful wagon in world history, it will also be the most powerful 4 door car ever, period.

The Audi RS 6 Avant will be launched in April 2008.
That RS6 is serious drool material.

yeah, it's the lord of the rings.
by MaxDawg October 16, 2007
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