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RPGNET aka RPGnet Forums is the home of the sick degenerate side of the rpg world. The culture of this site use extreme levels of profanity. When it comes to RPG dicusson or any other subject this site is a one note echo change of every evil/liberal/communist/faggot ideology. Any criticism of anything that is not normal or not decent is considered a personal attack or a group attack. It is the home of radical political correctness. You can openly attack religion and white men and morals, but if you even hint that you disapprove of evil you are banned. They openly attack hetrosexuals and insult them using the word "cis-gender" a vile insult. While they worship at the feet of the so-called trans-sexual aka she-male filth. This site is dishonest and vile. It is the home of every perversion and I do mean every perversion.
If you are an evil person, then you should hang out at the RPGnet Forums.
by Master of Men September 04, 2016
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