The dominant genre of gaming. Means "Really Poor Game" or "Role-Playing Game," depending on your bias. Basically, it is any game in which you have freedom of movement, but is not primarily based around cars, sports or fighting. Just about every game released since the mid-90s is one of these.
I don't like RPGs, but there are many RPG fanboys.
by http://pnet.clicdev.com June 14, 2004
The most boring gonra of video games you could get. Its all basically getting more points in order to beat an apponent with less point. All the pitures and wepons are just put there to give a reprersentitive for those perticular points.

Its not like adventure games where you have to actully use strategy to kill or beat what ever you have to slay or beat. You don't have to have a serturn amount of computure points.
You don't even control the weapons acuracy.
I have to kill this creature a 100 times to be able to get enought points to beat this dragon's amount of points.

I've been on here for hours trying to get points for killing this dragon.
It's not like zelda where you can actually stab and control the weapons your using.
by Game gonra person. June 18, 2005

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