Rules Of The Road
The ROTR advice doesn't easily apply in many real world roundabouts and is contradictory
by ezzy rider September 18, 2008
Top Definition
Rock On The Range, an annual rock festival featuring some oft the most popular bands in hard rock, alternative rock, and metal. There are so far 2 venues - Columbus, Ohio (first debut in May 2007) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (first debut in June 2009)
"Hey didn't that noob go to ROTR last year?"
"What's ROTR?"
"Rock on the range..."
"Oh!!! Yea I went to ROTR, and same with that noob apparently it was their first concert."
"Which one did they go to?"
"The Winnipeg one."
"Isn't Danko Jones playing this year for the 2010 one?"
by Faceless Intent April 26, 2010
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