lame net type acronym junx..
Rolling On Teh Floor Laughing My Butt Plug Out
l0zr6969:"d00d.. jack and jill had a 3some with dick cheney"
by pappy July 22, 2004
Top Definition
Like rofl, or lmao, just for the people who are even more retarded than the average dumbass. At least the people who say lmao, lol, ect; have a little more substanse.
moron: omg dude she fucked him in the bathroom and the teachers walked in and caught them!!!1!1!111one
intelligent: dude what the fuck? that doesn't even make sense
moron1: shut up asshole, it's called humor
intelligent: i really wish that you would just comit suicide
by janet July 26, 2004
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