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It's the acronym for: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Scaring The Cat. It expresses extreme amusement for a funny situation; it is also used by nerd people in order to conquer the weak-minded noobs of the web.
Noob: "Heya m8!"
Nerd: "Wtf?!"
Noob: "C'mon, wazzup?"
Nerd: "Stop bothering me and lemme play WoW in peace"
Noob: "Wottaffukka is that?"
Nerd: "Stfu, noob! Rtfm! I'm gunna enslave you, rotflmaoastc!"
Noob: "Yes, master?"
Nerd: "u.u"
by SwatMaster88 March 04, 2009

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