wicked hott girl who loves the hog
man ros is hott and she loves the hog
by stor April 15, 2005
Top Definition
short for "right on schedule"
"how are we doing for time? think we'll make our ETA?"

"yep, for sure....ROS baby!"
by Bonzai April 03, 2007
True Beauty
"Look at that flower, that's Ros, if ever i saw it"
by Mary July 22, 2003
Review On the Site
Please the ROS for better information.
by Amazer563 January 09, 2012
Very fortunate and lucky, she's a fairly pretty girl who is given a lot of attention and grew up in a rich family. Nice to be with at first. Although she thinks she's better than everyone else because of her wealth and fortune. She is quite an attention seeker, and constantly loses friends. She is dogamatic and KNOWS she's right. She will never admit her mistakes, as though it will ruin her reputation.
Ros: Phillipe Massa is Spanish!
Person: No... he isn't
Ros: Trust me, I know my F1 drivers!
Person: Er... I don't think so, he's Brazilian...
Ros: Well, I'm right because he drives Spanish cars, Ferrarris!
Person (now LOLing): No... Ferrarris are Italian...
Ros: Well, I'm right because you have no proof!
Person (as pulling out phone and turning on the internet): See, I googled it. Every page say that they're Italian.
Ros: Well your Google is wrong! Trust me, I know my google!
by hyphens_attack September 22, 2011
Small lady with the abiltiy to speak at light speed.

Beware when Drunk!!!!!!!!
"I got my shoes caught in the holes of my fish net tights"
by Kemp January 17, 2005
"Ros" means crew or squad. It's another term for home-boys. "Ros" is the bros, you really can count on. "Ros" has origins in Denmark, and where spoken by Guest Workish in the song "Adios Amigos". Nowadays used in All-Blocks to describe who are closest connected...
Example #1: "Don' fron' me or my ros!"
Example #2: "Party wiv da ros on friday, Ah'Ait?!"
Example #3: "Nah, it's da wrong ros, mayn..."
by JonyALB March 22, 2010
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