Literally: Read Only Memory.
ROMs are games that you can use on downloaded emulators. These games are usually licensed. A lot of good ROMs (unpopular games, games exclusively released in Japan) can be quite hard to find, knowing how most sites give you a ton of bullshit and forced voting, but no ROMs. Emulation and ROMs are the only way I have access to great Japanese SNES games such as Super Wrestle Angels, YuuYuu Hakusho Tokubetuhen, Sanrio World Smash Ball!, and Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix.
I opened my Snes9x, opened the Super Wrestle Angels ROM, and began to play.
by Hand Hanzo May 02, 2005
A class of urban hipster, fond of Beatlesque "mod" haircuts and white belts. The term is a contraction of "Romulan", an alien race from the original Star Trek series, possesing similar stylistic hallmarks. Later iterations took up a fondness for retro sneakers, t-shirts, pants, and updated variations on plastic frame glasses reminiscent of the 50's era.
Rom: "I can't wait to see The Make Up open for Trail of Dead! That show is gonna be deck. Are ther any more Parliament Lights behind that Pabst Blue Ribbon can? What?! What are you looking at?"

Dude: (shaking head) "You are such a Rom..."
by bill:brown March 04, 2005
A big sized file that when loaded into a console emulator plays a video game that's usually licensed.You can only read it not write on it.
Are you retarded you can keep roms for as long as you want.
by Rocafella May 23, 2004
An anagram for Random Old Man - most likely a creeper who has horned his way into a picture at the club.
Hey that's a great pic - but wtf is that rom doing in the back corner?
by kreid August 05, 2008
It's a technical term that stands for really old mammaries.
Spike Jonez was flashin' ROM all over the place in that Jackass 2 movie.

Woah, those ROM look like they're full of powdered milk.
by Keef Urban August 21, 2014
When a person is in a video streaming chat room and is about to ignore the audio in the chat room and/or leave the computer, because they don't wanna hear YouTube music/Videos, or people who are loud when on video camera, and talking.
Quita: OMG

Sheneaqua: CAM UP

Vita: .R.O.M. BRB

by lltl_du_u_no April 10, 2012
Read Only Memory
Like a CD with a game on it (that you've purchased in a shop)... You can only read it, not write on it.
by opti May 02, 2003
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