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ROFL MEH TEEHEE is used when an act or situation is too funny/ironic to use simple and over used terms such as ROFL, MEH, or TEEHEE, but can be infused together to form ROFL MEH TEEHEE, summerizing that you find what has just happened funny, ironic, or childish in this simple and original phrase. ROFL MEH TEEHEE is also used to disorintate those you are talking to by its pure originality, and that it is as well as an acronyme...

R olling
O n
F loor
L aughing

M ight
E nduce
H umans

T o
E xplode

E xponentially
H ereby
E liminating

E veryone
We were comparing between my friends on who had the most original word. My friend was about to win with Cookiemonsteratropicaphobia, but at the last minute, I blurted out ROFL MEH TEEHEE. An epic win was inevitable.
by TEEHEE MEH ROFLNESS October 17, 2010
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