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When someone is having oral sex and their partner tickles the other person's the penis and/or scrotum until they cum.
"My girlfriend gave me a ROFL Cock last night, I laughed so hard, I came all over."
by cokmonkeyy April 06, 2010
n. the act of rolling around laughing at a guy's one-inch wonder
Alice: Did you see Matt's tiny friend?
Katie: Yeah. It was a total roflcock moment.
by Informational Pleasure October 15, 2009
verb, noun

verb: to laugh at something that is anyway related to a man's genitala

noun: a joke that in some way relates to a mans genitalia
ted: did you see Jacob with the bone in the shower after gym?
tim: ya, roflcock

Jim McMahon: I am the badest man on the planet.
Viewer: Such roflcock
by rmarz247 May 30, 2008
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