A moronic user on the website ROBLOX.com that enjoys virtually kissing and raping their equally stupid internet girlfriend. Ranging from 1-5 years old, this species of internet no-life will call you pathetic insults like "nub" and fake report you if you report them for online dating and get them banned, which they deserve anyway. Usually wearing girl's hair, ugly skater hats, ugly virtual hair, ugly ghetto caps, and any other ugly hat that they think is cool. IronInforcer, Christina8787, and Fizzypops. christina's alt account, are the most idiotic and the king/queen of the ODers. They created "cafes", which are simply excuses for asshole ODers to go virtually make out with each other and insult the actual smart people when they report them.
No definition for Robloxian ODers
by RobloxianDefinitions January 23, 2011

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