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A moronic user on the website that enjoys virtually kissing and raping their equally stupid internet girlfriend. Ranging from 1-5 years old, this species of internet no-life will call you pathetic insults like "nub" and fake report you if you report them for online dating and get them banned, which they deserve anyway. Usually wearing girl's hair, ugly skater hats, ugly virtual hair, ugly ghetto caps, and any other ugly hat that they think is cool. IronInforcer, Christina8787, and Fizzypops. christina's alt account, are the most idiotic and the king/queen of the ODers. They created "cafes", which are simply excuses for asshole ODers to go virtually make out with each other and insult the actual smart people when they report them.
by RobloxianDefinitions January 23, 2011
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A ROBLOX user who Online Dates hence the name "OD"er,
They usually try there best to "impress" gfs or bfs and usually wear ugly virtual items such as Sk8r boi, Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People, etc.
The ROBLOXian ODers usually consist of 3-12 year old's who have safe chat, literally giving away their age.
CoolDude533: Oh bebe, let's make ###
crazypinklover3: yea yea ####
cakeisdel: Ey, admins! We have ROBLOXian ODers!
by cakeisdel July 20, 2016
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A Roblox user, usually ranging from ages 5-14, who date online, hence the term ODer. They're known for a couple of things.

1) Wearing virtual gear that makes them look "Attractive" to other OD'ers. Some of these items include, but aren't limited to, Beautiful Hair For Beautiful people, avatar body packages that looks realistic (or makes your avatar look muscular), skater hats, brown charmer hair, and faces like Shiny Tooth, Awkward, Braces, Mr. Chuckles, and the faces from the Roblox 3.0 body packages

2) Playing games that involve roleplay, such as Roblox High School, Life In Paradise, and Meep City, just to name a few. This is because many OD'ers play games like these, meet other OD'ers, and can get into "relationships" outside of just the roleplay

3) Insulting people who report them for online dating or tell them that Roblox wasn't made for online dating, they usually use terms like "nub"

4) Using stupid language like "bae" when talking to other OD'ers
xXx_CoolHotDude555: Hey girl, wanna be my bae?

PinkTheHottest9401: Sure! How can I say no to muscles like those?

EvanMcFly1985: Hey! Admins! We got a couple of Robloxian ODers here!

PinkTheHottest9401: Shut up, nub! Can't you see me and my boyfriend are having a romantic moment?
by Spodermen2121 z February 21, 2017
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