A forum on Day of Defeat's official website plagued by morons and moderator abuse. After Valve's acquisition of the Day of Defeat team, the quality of this board has gone downhill dramatically due to strict censorship. Many believe this forum will be shutdown within a matter of months, even weeks.
Oh no, you posted about downloading music on KaZaA. Time to ban you because the big corporation known as Valve doesn't want you talking about that now. Goodbye! Congrats to the DoD team on being a bunch of sellouts!
by KYX! February 06, 2003
Top Definition
A place where you may NOT speak freely. A place when the administrator gets mad, he bans anyone he wants.
Day of Defeat RN Forums
by James February 05, 2003
A place where moderators delete people's threads without telling them, then making threads of their own which are worse in taste, yet still acceptable; because they are mods.
RN moderators are hypocrites.
by atlantis February 05, 2003
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