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A person, usually a blog troll, that drones on endlessly about how wonderful DRM (digital rights management) is in music download files, and that it has so many consumer benefits even if he/she can't even name one.

The RIAAtard will also drone on endlessly about how music pirates are evil, ripping off the artists, are criminals and anyone who rips a CD, downloads a music file or shares a file with a friend or family member should instantly be jailed.

These RIAAtards are incapable of thinking or speaking in any other way, and may suffer from ADD, OCD, autism, aspergers syndrome, or some other mental or social disorder. They also display negative emotional, mental, physical and communication behaviour which causes people to avoid them at all costs. They also may never actually have any sexual contact with another human being, so they spend their entire lives masturbating while posting their RIAA-loving nonsense in blogs.
Music Lover: Oh yeah. I really love my friends new Britney CD so she let me copy it. It's awesome!

RIAAtard: You filthy criminal! You're going to burn in hell! If you really love Britney so much you should send her all your money. I'm calling the RIAA on you so you can be fined AND go to jail!!
by RuleroftheNight July 24, 2009
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