Acronym for Random Ensemble Member. A member of the chorus in a theatrical production who is not identifiable by a character name or other means.
"We need a few REMs to fill in that empty space over there."
by astro_ November 25, 2007
A fat wrestler on the crone wrestling team who frequently has orgies with Daniel A.
Rems sucks penis
by Cool March 15, 2004
The Greatest Player on Star Wars Galaxies Server Corbantis. TKM MF Who Never Loses Duels. Has Beaten 13 Jedis And Has A Bounty of 2,000,000 Credits On Him.
Holy Shit Rems Just Took 2 Jedi!
by Joseph R. Lavet January 20, 2005
A unit of biological dose of radiation; the name is derived from the initial letters of the term
"roentgen equivalent mammal (or man)".
REM Levels of 20-100 cause a shortage in white blood cells.
by PatMan33 September 22, 2003
rems are the most amazing girls you would ever meet.

rems usually have the following features/characteristics/objects
-short (Around 5 feet)

-cute smile
-cute bows
-yellow skinny jeans
-has an amazing taste in music
-dances in the middle of the mall out of no where
-funniest person ever
-has a yellow room

-loves snapple (lemon)
-loves alaska

-hates heat
-usually lives in NY
-gives free hugs
-loves hugs
a rem will usually rape you if she likes you :D
a rem usually has awesome insane cool friends
bob: Yo, That girl Rem is amazing she's so cute, I just want to hug her.

bill:I know, I know she's gorgeous.

bob: lets go give her some snapple, maybe she will rape us!

bill: Awesome idea!
by iwillonyourface August 30, 2009
Rapid Eye Movement

(when youre on E and your eyes start to shake and its all fucked and trippy)
i cant even open my eyes when im on E anymore cus i get rem so bad
by sdahjhfgdfgh March 16, 2006
an acronym for random erection man; also a band
dude i'm totally startin' to get a r.e.m
by jared santos July 13, 2008

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