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A fairly attractive female (depending on alcohol consumption).
Mate look at at that lovely bit of rat over there. Or more simply the word rat can be called from any male member of the group who believes he has spotted a rather sexy chick. Upon which the other males will soon scan the area for the potential rat and either give their approval or disgust. False calling of this word is highly frowned upon.
by MBDY October 18, 2009
1 3
A person who looks like a rat, and has rat qualities like being small, being smelly, and being a snitch.
That Ryan kid is such a fuckin sewer rat
by muthaag35 October 15, 2009
0 2
RAT- A girl who goes to Clubs some where in the Cleveland Akron area every weekend and I mean every weekend and blows about 40 to 100% of her paychecks looking for love and has bop ass pics on her facebook and myspace.
"Man that girl right there fine"-guy1 "she's also broke cause she a rat"-guy2

"Man my girl always broke as fuck" guy1
"Cause she a RAT"-guy2

"Your son is 8 years old and dont know how to stand and pee cause you be at the club to much you a RAT"-girl1
by gotdemzones August 04, 2009
0 2
skinny chick who has a petite figure and is an easy sexual tart
a rat is a white female with average looks, and a skinny figure who looks like she needs a root
by gangster09 April 20, 2009
1 3
a prehistoric animal that lives in society today with the name Geovanni
"hey i saw a huge piece of cheese by that rat there"
by Maseudonia March 27, 2009
0 2
A person that will do anything to suirvive, not necessarily snitch on someone. Just a general ass kissing, begging little rat.
ex penny pinch, beg, suck up as much as they can to someone for a tiny benifit,

cough mood.. cough rat cough
by Juvinile June 28, 2007
12 14
1. Short for "Hood Rat" which is a girl who has slept with several guys from her neighborhood

2. A furry little beady eyed rodent that carrys diseases and consumes shit to sustain itself. It has no purpose to most and should immediately be shot or lit on fire if spotted

3.) A staple of Indian cuisine

4.) A person who tells on someone who has commited a crime. See Narc

1.) Shonda slept with her neighbors Mike, Kyle, Ronny, Jason, Renzo and Lisa .. She's such a rat.


Guy 1: Dood! Check out that big ass rat sitting on the fence!

Guy 2: Yeah, we should totally shoot it!

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks guns*

3.) This curry chicken is delicious! I never knew rat could taste so good!

4.) Guy 1: Johnny told the shrieff that Bob was selling crack now bob is locked up.

Guy 2: Johnny is such a rat.. Lets exterminate him like one..

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks gun*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
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