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RAN is the abbreviation of the Royal Australian Navy, the senior service of the Australian Defence Force. Australian Sailors are known for having exceptional training and experience due to the fact the majority of Australian ships are minimum-manned, meaning Australian sailors have to compensate for the duties, of say, four or five sailors of a larger navy i.e. USN, RN, etc.

The RAN has served alongside major allies such as U.S, Britain, New Zealand, etc since it's inception around Australia's federation, alongside the Australian land forces, known as the Australian Regular Army.
Ash: That sailor sounds Australian

Polly: Well he'd be in the RAN
by LukeAussie September 16, 2008
Real Ass Nigga
Guy 1-"Damn bro, you're too good at Madden '09!"

Guy 2-"Yup, I'm a R.A.N.!"
by doctorpope December 22, 2008
to steal or rob somebody of something in their posession
Ray, we just ran your lunch money.
by Dale P. Johnson August 22, 2007
The Little Commie Bot, has an uber-powered buster and dies a lot. Has a machine called the "Ran Generator" which generates a new Ran every time he dies. Stars in many Megaman sprite comics such as the Primer Chronicles, Bob and George and Plague's Misadventures. Is the masterpiece of Kalinka/Calinca Cossack, daughter of Dr. Cossack.
1) *Ran Dies*
2) My GameShark died even faster than Ran!
3) Booyaka Ran!
by FireAarro June 03, 2003
Stands for Random Asshole Nexus. This is the place where a critical number of people have agglomerated in one tight space such that the pressure to be an asshole becomes overwhelming for members of the crowd and therefore any non-asshole individual in the mix can reasonably anticipate being forced to interact with at least one random asshole – or get caught in the RAN - despite their best intentions otherwise.
I had no idea I would be forced to interface with the RAN until I saw the show was 'concert seating.'
by woodsytheowl February 17, 2011
Acronym for "Roshani Anusha Nigil Subin".

One of the most successful Indian-Pakistani tournaments hosted in the Dallas area by a young group of individuals.
Player 1: "Are you going to the tournament this weekend?"

Player 2: "You mean the RANS tournament?"
by Charlie Prakash December 01, 2011
Regular Ass Nigga
I aint no athlete and i aint no superstar im jus a R.A.N. take it or leave it
by T. Gram September 13, 2009
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