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stands for "rowdy as fuck", usually partywise
person 1: "hey what are you doin tonight?"
person 2: "gettin R.A.F.!"
by BX7 September 16, 2007
10 8
The word RAF means "Retard Ass Fuck". It is most commonly used to describe someone who acts in a stupid manner.

ex in sports.
"hey man could you pass the ball better your playing like a RAF out there"
by Dont You Worry Child April 10, 2013
7 7
RAF aka Random as F#!k. Used whenever a random act is preformed that is strange to a certain environment.
(you're sitting at your desk at work, a completely dull and quiet office, and suddenly one of your coworkers belts out the chorus to love is a battle field and diligently goes back to work)

You: RAF o.O


:How was your day today?
:Oh it was cool...but today when I was walking down the street an old lady ran up to me and hit me with a loaf of bread. I smelt like a sandwich all day.
:RAF man...RAF.

:...i know.
by MimiAlexander August 12, 2012
8 8
that girl looks so R.A.F in that dress
by Ered September 07, 2008
4 5
R A F (ROUGH AS FUCK), used when discretion is needed.
1. Have you seen his new bird, she is R A F.
2. I drunk too much and I feel R A F.
by trusty_whu September 27, 2007
10 11
a syndrome held by people that want to be like Rachel... symptoms are laughing at everyting, even when it is funny, not being able to tell a funny joke, and the joke is only funny to people with RAFS... is very contagious to anyone who comes in contact with Rachel}
It is a really kool syndrome!!!
by AngelBabie89007 April 03, 2004
1 2
Real as Fuck
"Bro you banged every girl in this joint? You're RAF
by DaJOKA August 23, 2013
0 2