A British play on abbreviation: The Royal Air Force (The air force in Britain). When shouted in a bar means "Rough As Fuck" as in:
(1) Oh my God - look at the state of those women - R.A.F.
(2) Watch out boys - the R.A.F. are here...
#minging #women #raf #derogatory #skanky hos
by Bobby8585 April 24, 2006
Top Definition
The RAF (Royal Air Force) is Britains air force. Bombed the shit out of Nazi Berlin in WW2.
Hans: Oh shit the RAF are comin'!
Jurgen: Oh well. It's 'pull your trousers down' time boys. We're about to get royally raped.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
The Royal Air Force. Airforce of the United Kingdom. Best in the world. Let down often by poor British Government and lack of funding. Not as gung-ho as many other larger countries airforces. Get the job done in the best way possible with minimum fuss and jingoism.
"It's great to see your RAF planes flying overhead, gives us a real feeling of safety" - quote from US Serviceman, Afghanistan 2004.
by Honey March 15, 2005
Britian's Royal Air Force
The RAF fought well in WWII
by AC January 31, 2004
Racist as fuck
My friends and I, from diverse backgrounds, like joking about race stereotypes. When the joke or comment is racist we yell RAF. "Donald Trump's comments to mexicans were RAF"
#racist #jokes #comments #words #stereotypes
by Lebron-ish July 19, 2015
Initialism for Rude As Fuck.
Jenny just said it looks like I've put on a couple of pounds...RAF!
#rude as fuck #rude #asshole #bitchey #douche #doucher
by Dr.Unk June 14, 2011
R A F (ROUGH AS FUCK), used when discretion is needed.
1. Have you seen his new bird, she is R A F.
2. I drunk too much and I feel R A F.
#ugly #minger #dog #sick #ill
by trusty_whu September 27, 2007
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