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RARITAN: R-A-R-I-T-A-N! Back To using Roids Again!
Started Way Back in the Day! Won Almost every game that way! Foot-Ball, Basted-Ball, Gymmd-Nastyk, Plastic..
Dwarf Arnolds they wuz, Cuz: The Coaches (Roaches) PERFORMED Miracles of Deft Latti-tude, oft repeated Platti-tude, cheatin with subtra-food, still might have won, with REAL Leadership and intestinal Fortitude in their Gun!..
But who am I to Wake the Living? The Awards they stole Might have been in your String. Those moments of Victory and Defeat, belonged to others who didn't cheat!:
Take those trophy's, behind the glass, break them up, trash.: All the Dawgs know how you stole them. They belong to others, that just lettin you hold them! Every day in there, is to your dishonor! R.T.H.S the Miracle Horror! :Use up your youth! It's break-away fantasy's! Cheer Girls DO you, off with their Panties!: Before you can scream, "22 as a team", Equals Limo Lime-o, Homecoming Dream!: So do it now, Don't you have the Audacity? The ROID road to riches, or life in a FACTORY?! :
Yeah, Flush a Cherry Bomb, you Born again Prankster! The Staff kissed your ass, you wanna-be Gangster/Wankster! :U think actin tough was your invention? You walked the halls free, While WE got detention!: Intimidation nation, Clicks and clatter, you stuck now WORM, boo-hoo, what the matter?: R-A-R-I-T-A-N, the house of marked cards, that's your legacy. Why frown Tough Guy, Coy Girl?..., things ARE as they SEEM. Phuck-wads!
I did my time CLEEN: All You Bytches Mean Zero... exactly Zero, to me!...
(Hero-Zero By: Flash 22, Graduate of R.T.H.S):In Memory of: Marine Corporal Alan (Removed by Editorial requirments) and all others, who resisted the aberrant R.T.H.S Mentality and went on to maintain their personal sense of Honor and excel in their lives without the use of steroids or other performance enhancing Drugs or otherwise to give in to the "Factory Mentality" that prevails in such institutions: The Honorable Title: "Hero-Zero" Belongs to you!
R.T.H.S. Raritan High School of HAZLET N.J.: AKA the the Reform School, Where you were expected to let privelaged people beat the living shit out of you and not fight back and otherwise subscribe to a FACTORY mentality of submission and degradation in exchange for the reflected GLORY of the Steroid induced victories of the Football and other so-called "Athletic" teams. "Oh Hell, R.T.H.S. Raritan High School (Hazlet N.J.).is back to useing Roids again?" "Shit Man, When they ever Been Off Roids?!" "Shhhhh, You dont wanna get Detention, Do you?"
by Flash 22 January 29, 2008

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