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The act of giving/recieving a rimjob while listening to an R.E.M track played very loudly.
Al- (muffle muffle)
Kari- What? Can't hear you, you gotta yell!
(blasting)Its the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it.....................
Kari- Ohhhh great R.E.M. job
by Dusty Cox November 27, 2009

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When a girl begins to have sex with you while you are sleeping.
"Hey man, I brought this girl home from the bar and I didnt want to have sex with her so I just went to sleep. Then I woke up with her on top of me."
"You got REM jobbed."
by verbthatnoun February 14, 2014
REM stands for rapid eye movement--a sleep stage. A REM job is a colourful euphemism for sleeping--a play on the phrase rim job.
When I get home from work tonight I am gonna get the best REM job!
by Rachel182 May 21, 2007
When you hold someone upside down and give then a rim job.
Remy gave Julia a rem job, then she gave him one back.
by app13s November 23, 2007