v. To urinate on something.
Wow, that piece of equipment is all wet! Someone probably R Kelly'd it.
by Shadekat September 04, 2008
Top Definition
1. To urinate on your sexual partner.

2. You would refer to the giver of a golden shower as the R. Kellyer and the one recieving the golden shower as the R. Kellyed.
After I came I R. Kelly'd all over his face.
by Jenro October 04, 2005
To get away with having sex with an under-aged girl.
Justin R. Kelly'd after the police believed his story about not having had sex with 12-year old Cynthia.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
To fuck a young bitch
Did you hear that Jimmy R.Kelly'd dat new girl?
by Lele December 16, 2003
to pluck the apples before they've dropped. The Stealing of a childs inocense or the popping of a cherry also reffered to as 'Garry Glittered'
'So I saw on her bus pass that she was only 14' 'so what did u do?' 'I R'kelly'd her innit!'
by Foul J August 04, 2005
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