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Abbreviation for "Rape up the ass" or "Raped up the ass."
Dude 1: you just got R. U. T. A.'d!!
Dude 2: fuck!
by TheGuyWhoPostedRUTA April 29, 2009

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ass rape ruta the up
1.the occurance of raping someone up the ass playfully and kidding about it

2.when you burn someone badly with words and you use the phraze R.U.T.A
1. Tod: -walking-

jimmy:-jumps on toms back and sways back a forth- R.U.T.A

2. Tod: dude my sandwhich is nasty!

jimmy: your mom was nasty last night!

john: tod you got R.U.T.A
by heyheyilovemywords May 03, 2009